Saturday, January 14, 2012


Snow in Chicago.  17 degrees here in Waukegan this morning.  We started into the storm area on Karl's shift coming up through Indianapolis on Thursday.  Little snowflakes, the kind that take a while to accumulate, and fiercely blowing wind.

We traded out and I took over for the evening facing into the storm and rush hour Chicago.  The wind blew so strongly against the side of the trailer that it felt as if the steering wheel was pulling to the right the whole way.  Gusts would sweep across the road and in the rear view mirror I could see the trailer sway with the impact.

When I passed thru Wolcott, where the windmills are, the storm abated briefly.  There on the horizon, the sun broke through the clouds at sunset.  There was a small window of cold, pale-blue sky with a hint of yellow; a backlit thunderhead ballooned outward and darkened into the massive grey-black heaviness of the storm; snow lay over the windmill dotted fields; the wind whipped up sparkling snow spray into swirls that danced to the metronome of the blades spinning eerily silent -serene above the fierce beauty of it all.